FOX Sports analyst Joel Klatt is stirring the pot. This time, it’s a Sunday tweet from Klatt about the Heisman Trophy race. Most SEC fans (and betting odds) will tell you Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa is the Heisman frontrunner. Klatt says another quarterback is the favorite.

“The @HeismanTrophy race is fantastic with Kyler Murray out in front headed into the last week of the regular season,” Klatt wrote in a tweet Sunday.

Murray is 196-of-279 passing (70.3 completion percentage) for 3,310 yards with a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 34-6. That’s an average of 25.4 attempts and 11.9 yards per attempt for 300.9 yards per game. As a runner, Murray has carried the ball 104 times for 739 yards, an average of 9.45 carries per game at 7.11 yards per carry for 67.18 rushing yards per game.

Tagovailoa, by comparison, is 164-of-237 (69.2 completion percentage) passing for 2,865 yards and a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 31-2. His averages are 21.5 attempts per game, 12.1 yards per attempt and 260.5 yards per game. As a runner, Tagovailoa has carried the ball 41 times for 185 yards, an average of 3.73 attempts per game for 4.51 yards per carry and 16.82 rushing yards per game.

Those numbers, obviously, don’t factor in the level of competition each quarterback is facing when it comes to opposing defenses, something voters will consider.

While many members of the football media and fans on social media have long referred to Tagovailoa as the Heisman frontrunner, Klatt probably won’t be alone in arguing for Murray over the next few weeks.