Will Anderson is trying to help Alabama bounce back from Alabama’s loss at Texas A&M on Saturday, and didn’t appear to appreciate a reporter’s question about the post-game locker room.

After a 12-second pause on Monday during a session with reporters, the Alabama linebacker explained his position after he was asked about a possible team meeting and his message to the team.

“What I’ve said to you guys, we have to do a better job,” Anderson said. “Football has to be the most important thing. That’s the biggest thing when you come to Alabama, that’s the standard. Football is the most important thing and that’s what I expressed to the team, and that’s what it has to be, and it’s going to be that.”

Anderson later added that the defensive line and linebackers need to watch film together more, and recognize the pass rush lanes to get more pressure on the quarterback, “so he doesn’t have all day in the pocket.”

Anderson was asked about having a similar message after the Florida game, and he said it wasn’t well received, and that there’s nothing other teams are doing, in fact, it’s Alabama’s focus that needs to improve.

“It’s just us, we’re in our own way right now,” he said.