FunnyMaine is back with another video in his ongoing “Besides Bama” series and this time, the Alabama-based comedian ranks the nicest fans in the Southeastern Conference.

If you haven’t seen any of his previous videos in the series, FunnyMaine doesn’t rank Alabama in any of these videos.

Here’s how FunnyMaine ranks the nicest fans in the SEC based on his experience dealing with rival fan bases:

  • #1 Vanderbilt
  • #2 Kentucky
  • #3 Missouri
  • #4 South Carolina
  • #5 Mississippi State
  • #6 Arkansas
  • #7 Auburn
  • #8 Ole Miss
  • #9 Texas A&M
  • #10 Tennessee

No surprise to see LSU and Georgia, Alabama’s biggest competition in recent years in the league, didn’t make the list.

Check out FunnyMaine’s full breakdown of his rankings below: