By any measure, Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa is having one of the best seasons of any college quarterback ever. He’s thrown 27 touchdowns and only one interception through 10 weeks.

However, he’d be the first to tell you that he’s not perfect, and on Monday, CBS analyst Gary Danielson discussed one of the biggest weaknesses to Tagovailoa’s game.

Appearing on “Three Man Front” on WJOX, Danielson said Tagovailoa tries some throws that won’t work in the NFL (via

“The only criticism I have of Tua — and I think his game has to improve at the next level — is he’s loose with the football,” Danielson said. “He tries a lot of throws. When he gets to the NFL, much like (New Orleans quarterback) Drew Brees, (he’ll struggle). Drew struggles his first two or three years because throws he was trying at Purdue just didn’t work in the NFL. He was too loose with the ball. Now, you see how he’s re-shaped his game where he anticipates and throws the ball with care.

“That’s the next step for Tua. He lets it fly and makes risky throws. Tua, right now, has no conscious when he throws the ball. He just lets it go.”

Those risky throws have been working, but Danielson has a point about the NFL, where every secondary is elite.

For now, though, Tagovailoa is dominating the college game in a way we haven’t seen before, so let’s just enjoy the ride.