Alabama legend Gene Stallings has a low opinion of any coach that calls Nick Saban overrated.

Stallings made a recent appearance with Ryan Fowler on Tide 102.9 FM and was asked his opinion of the claim that Nick Saban is overrated.

“I would say the people that did that voting never coached a lick in their life,” said Stallings. “How in the world you can say he’s overrated when he has won national championships, and for 10 years in a row, he has not been an underdog.”

“Anybody that would even mention that would lose my respect right off the bat,” explained Stallings.

Stallings went on to discuss how the pressure of coaching at Alabama makings the position one of the toughest around.

“How in the world can you say he’s an overrated coach,” asked Stallings. “Lord, have mercy. There’s probably more pressure on Nick Saban than any coach in college football, and yet they perform week after week after week.”

Stallings certainly knows a thing or two about the pressure of being the Crimson Tide’s head coach. He coached Alabama from 1990-96 and finished with a record of 70-16-1 and the ’92 National Championship.