Bryce Young has big shoes to fill as Alabama’s quarterback this fall.

He’ll take over a role that has been filled by Mac Jones and Tua Tagovailoa the past 2 season, with great success from both players.

But, SEC Network analyst Greg McElroy said during SEC Media Days on Monday that he thinks Young is up to the challenge (via 247Sports):

“He’s a stud. And there’s no denying his pedigree, there’s no denying his physical attributes. The guy’s unbelievable,” McElroy said ahead of SEC Media Days on Monday. “Can run around, can create, is accurate, and does a pretty good job of going through his progressions. You talk to anybody that was on that staff last year, they’ll tell you he has a really good foundational understanding of how to have his feet where they need to be, when they need to be there. So, he’s already far ahead of where he needs to be. But, here’s the but, until the lights are bright and it’s your gig, it’s still a little bit of an unknown.

“Now, I’d love to have the starting point that he has with the physical attributes and all the other things I just talked about, but can he step into the shoes of a vacated first-round pick in Mac Jones — who had one of the best years we’ve ever seen at the quarterback spot — that’s to be determined. I’m still very optimistic about it, that’s for sure.”

We’ll find out in a couple of months if Young is ready to step into the spotlight. Sounds like McElroy thinks he’ll do just fine.