Despite its dominant start to the college football season, Alabama is beatable, one SEC Network analyst believes, and there are multiple teams that can do it.

Former Alabama QB Greg McElroy said this week on “Thinking Out Loud” on the SEC Network that a powerful offense is the key.

“There’s a formula, but I’m not sure it’s done by way of their defense,” McElroy said, according to Bama OnLine. “The formula for (beating) Alabama this year might be having an explosive offense. For instance, Oklahoma who can light up the scoreboard. They can make a play. Clemson might be able to do the same thing. A team with significant firepower might be able to challenge even though we have not seen that happen yet.”

It’s debatable whether LSU has that kind of offense as the Tigers are middle to the bottom of the SEC in scoring offense and total offense. Not to mention, the typical Alabama-LSU game is lower scoring than most across the SEC.

McElroy’s co-host, former LSU standout Marcus Spears agreed that Alabama is beatable, but there might be another way to pull off the upset.

“Any team can be beat,” Spears said. “It can be their own undoing. We’ve seen a really good Bama team lose to Ole Miss with five turnovers. Now they wouldn’t lose that game if it wasn’t self-inflicted wounds, but yes, I wouldn’t say any team is unbeatable.”

This week’s Alabama-LSU game is set for 7 p.m. local time in Tiger Stadium on CBS.