Every time that Alabama loses, you hear people all around saying that the Alabama dynasty is nearing an end. It is quite the same after the Tide lost 52-49 to Tennessee.

ESPN analyst Greg McElroy, in his experience in and around the program, said not so fast.

“We’ll be fine, the world is not coming to an end,” McElroy said on “The Paul Finebaum Show.” “We have seen teams struggle in the past. I only have to think back to last year in which we won by 7 against Arkansas at home and looked awful against A&M at times.”

It’s no surprise that McElroy has no doubt in his former coach, the man who did help him win a national championship.

McElroy did, however, note that it is a little concerning that the same things that have plagued the Crimson Tide in past weeks is what costed them the game against the Vols, but he believes that the players seeing the cost of their mistakes will get through to them.

Alabama returns to action this week against Mississippi State.