Greg McElroy takes a lot of criticism about his commentary especially from Alabama fans who think he can be just a little bit too critical of his alma mater.

So, when a caller called into his morning show “McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning” discussing fellow ESPN commentator Kirk Herbstreit calling of the LSU/Alabama game a few weeks ago, naturally, McElroy chimed in at the 18:00 mark below.

“Can’t imagine what’s that like, McElroy said. “Being an announcer of the Bama game you are bound to take some criticism heaven forbid it’s not our fault that the team is playing bad.”

McElroy continued to say that when he called the Mississippi State/Alabama game, he was hardly criticized, however, when he called the Tennessee game, his critics came out again.

Luckily for McElroy, he won’t be calling another Alabama game for the rest of the season. All of the Crimson Tide’s remaining games will be on CBS.