Former Alabama standout Ha Ha Clinton-Dix got social media’s attention this week when he shared a video of a close encounter with 2 bears. In his Instagram post showing a brief black-and-white video (presumably from a security camera), Clinton-Dix offered the following, “I play D # gotta be ready to go. A lil high on my flip turn but the drive was there. I ain’t know how many was over there.” On Friday, he appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter to share what was going through his mind as he approached a bear and its cub in an alleyway.

“I don’t even think I had time to think,” Clinton-Dix said, per 247Sports. “I just reacted first and I threw my Bird scooter to give me a little time to think about what I was going to do next, but luckily, they didn’t take it.”

Clinton-Dix shared what he did after running off-screen.

“I jumped on the hood of that car until I could figure out how to get to safety somewhere else,” Clinton-Dix said.

Per 247Sports’ Garrett Stepien, the SportsCenter host reminded Clinton-Dix that bears can climb trees and he might not have been safe on the hood of a car.

“Yeah, I understand that,” Clinton-Dix said, adding a laugh. “But also, if they would’ve taken me, I would’ve been eating pepperoni and a little bit of bear. But I felt good, I’m glad to be alive.”

The Orlando, Florida native added it wasn’t his first time seeing a bear around his home.

“I see them often,” Clinton-Dix said. “Close to my development, they’re building more. So the bears are trying to find a place to eat, some shelter and I guess they found my home and scared the life out of me.”

Clinton-Dix signed with the Dallas Cowboys this offseason after previously playing for…the Chicago Bears.


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