Derrick Henry already has a pretty impressive résumé.

He was the FBS leading rusher, a Heisman Trophy winner, a national champion and now he’s in line to be a starting NFL running back. Now, he can add another accomplishment to his résumé.

“College graduate.”

The former Alabama star officially earned that title on Friday after going back to school to get his degree. Alabama shared a photo of Henry in his cap and gown with Nick Saban:

Henry, who left Alabama for the NFL with a year of eligibility remaining, also penned a touching letter to his late grandma for the Players’ Tribune. The former Tide star explained how his grandma motivated him to stay on his school work and how he made a promise to her that he’d get his degree.

Here was an excerpt from the piece:

Graduating is something that I’ve wanted to do for myself, but also, for you. I always wanted you to be proud of me, and I know that you are. I just admired you so much growing up. I mean, you and Granddaddy raised 14 kids. Now, I wasn’t around for all that, and I can’t even imagine how hard that must have been. But I can definitely see how you did it, because I know how hard you always worked. I remember you leaving early in the morning to go clean rooms at the Holiday Inn, and then coming home at night and cooking and cleaning, and yelling at me and all my cousins for being bad … you never turned it off. You were always working. Always looking after us, providing for us.

You taught me what’s important. You knew I loved sports and that I was gonna be good. But remember how mad I used to get? I hated losing so much. If I was out in the yard playing football with my cousins and I lost, I would get so frustrated that I would cry.

Last year was actually when Henry started attending classes at Alabama. Henry caused a minor stir in Tennessee when he didn’t tell the coaching staff that he’d be doing that instead of attending voluntary workouts.

Now, with a degree in hand and DeMarco Murray out of Nashville, Henry can focus on having a breakout season in his third year in the league.