When a video of two of Alabama’s fastest players facing off in a track meet is shared online, that’s what we like to call a must-watch clip.

Anyone wondering which of Alabama’s incredibly quick and talented receivers is the fastest now appears to have an answer, but only by the slimmest of margins.

A video of Henry Ruggs III and Jaylen Waddle battling it out on Alabama’s practice field was recently shared online and while the camera work wasn’t the best, the action caught by the video lives up to the hype.

Check out the sequence below, with Ruggs on the right side of the frame and Waddle on the left:


It’s nearly impossible to tell who won the race in that video but as you can see in the photo below, it appears Ruggs won by a hair.

There’s no shame losing to Ruggs, a player many suspect could break the 40-yard dash record when he runs the at the NFL Combine, in a footrace but the fact that Waddle can keep up with him stride for stride should terrify opposing defenses heading into the 2019 season.