We’ve all seen Nick Saban blow up on the sidelines as the Alabama coach has been known to have a short fuse from time to time.

Just ask Lane Kiffin about that.

Another coach that has felt Saban’s wrath is former Alabama offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll. Daboll famously was on the wrong end of one of Saban’s explosions on national television during the College Football Playoff and that’s a moment that’s stuck with at least one member of the Crimson Tide.

During a recent appearance on the “Rich Eisen Show,” Henry Ruggs was asked when he saw Saban the most upset. While he initially recalled the story of his first muffed punts as a member of the Crimson Tide, Ruggs then pointed toward Saban unleashing on Daboll as a memory that stands out.

“Yeah, actually, you just made me think of another moment,” Ruggs said on the show. “What game was it? I want to say Clemson in the Playoff, the semifinal game. We were up and I guess we threw a pass and he ended up getting ran over on the sideline. He went to Coach Daboll and let him have it because he wanted to run the ball and run the clock out and we threw a pass. I just feel like it was because he got ran over.”

If you’ve forgotten that exchange, thankfully, it still exists on YouTube.

Here’s the exact exchange Ruggs referenced with his comments featuring Saban getting run over and him going off on Daboll.

After the game, Saban was asked to share what he said to Daboll and why he went off on the offensive coordinator.

“Well, you know, I wanted to take the air out of the ball and run the ball and shrink the clock and shrink the game and we threw a couple passes back-to-back and they turned out to be negative plays,” Saban responded. “So, you know, I guess I was being a bit of a fan. You know the fans, always, if it works, it’s a good play and if it doesn’t work, it’s a bad play.

“So, I was being a bit of a fan. But I thought in that situation in the game we should have tried to take the air out of it and run the ball and shrink the game, especially being up 18 points.”