Seemingly every year the question gets asked in the offseason, how would Alabama fare against the Cleveland Browns on a neutral field? While it’s a fun to ask that question, it’s hard to believe a college team would beat an NFL squad, no matter how pathetic the Browns have become.

WJOX 94.5 FM host Tony Kurre took another interesting approach to a similar hypothetical this week, asking what the spread would be on a neutral field for the National Champions of college football against the NFL’s AFC Champions.

According to the Prediction Machine, the line would be just under a four-touchdown spread.

If you turn that back around to college football, what’s interesting about that line is the fact that Todd Fuhrman of Bet The Board was recently asked to set a hypothetical line between Alabama and UCF on a neutral field. His answer? Alabama -21 going up against the Knights.

Pretty wild to think the line of Alabama vs. the potential Super Bowl champions would be close to matching the line between the Tide and the AAC Champs. Who knows, if the Super Bowl between New England and Philadelphia is close, UCF may claim that championship, too. After all, they factored into the NFL playoffs just as much as they did College Football’s Playoff.