Seeing Dabo Swinney in Bryant-Denny Stadium will likely be a bittersweet moment for Crimson Tide fans.

Alabama is getting set to honor the team that won the 1992 National Championship during Saturday’s halftime, and it was announced Thursday that Swinney is planning to attend. Clemson is getting set to play Syracuse on Friday evening which will allow Swinney to attend the Tide’s game against Arkansas.

Crimson Tide fans will likely experience mixed emotions when Swinney is announced. He has contributed a number of positive years with Alabama football. He was a WR for Alabama and a member of the 1992 team. Upon completing his playing career, Swinney stayed on with Alabama and coached with the Tide from 1993-2000.

Aaron Suttles shared the the news on Twitter that Swinney is expected to attend the ceremony this weekend:

Tide fans are certainly proud to call Swinney their own, but he is also responsible for a night that many would like to forget. Swinney coached the Clemson Tigers to an unforgettable comeback win over the Tide in the CFP Title Game last season.

It was a tough loss for Alabama fans everywhere, but Jim Dunaway believes most Tide fans will still cheer Swinney when he is honored Saturday:

It will be an interesting homecoming for Dabo, but hopefully fans will give him the kind of strong welcome he deserves.

Kickoff for Alabama’s game against Arkansas is set for 7:15 pm EST on ESPN.