Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa is putting up incredible numbers, with 18 passing touchdown and zero interceptions through six games. And, he hasn’t even played in a single fourth quarter yet!

Many have Tagovailoa as the Heisman favorite, but will he actually get the support he needs from Heisman Trophy voters?

On Wednesday’s episode of “Lock It In” on FOX Sports 1, FOX analyst Joel Klatt joined the program and discussed whether Tagovailoa’s hot start is more due to his talent or Alabama’s poor schedule so far:

“He can keep it up because the schedule is so horrendous,” Klatt said. “That’s part of the problem — all those quarterbacks in the past played a much more difficult schedule than what Tua is having to play against. It’s kind of a joke what this schedule has been for Alabama. That’s part of the reason their scoring margin is tops in the country at 40 points per game. They’ve had over 500 yards in every single game. Tua is incredible — 31 touchdowns in 41 offensive series.

“Part of the problem for me is, can you be considered an all-time great just based on sheer numbers, or do you have to play in fourth quarters of meaningful action? Because let’s face it — all he’s doing is wearing a baseball hat in the fourth quarter. Can you win a Heisman that way? I’m not so sure when (Dwayne) Haskins is out there throwing 25 touchdowns. Tua is great, I don’t want to take anything away from Tua, but that schedule is horrific, and nobody talks about it.”

Things should get a little more challenging for the Tide, with games against LSU, Mississippi State, Auburn and potentially Georgia, moving forward.

If Tagovailoa continues to put up those gawdy numbers, he should be a shoo-in for the Heisman.