When former Auburn quarterback Dameyune Craig migrated from South Alabama to Florida State, he continued recruiting Mobile signal-caller Jake Coker.

The Seminoles weren’t competing with many teams for Coker’s services, and thus earned a commitment in June 2010 from AJ McCarron’s successor at St. Paul’s (Mobile, Ala.) Episcopal School.

Late in the process, Alabama swooped into the picture to try to swipe Coker from FSU.

In his first season as defensive backs coach for the Tide, Jeremy Pruitt — well-connected in the state’s high school football scene — was tasked with trying to pry Coker from the Seminoles. According to a report from CBS Sports, Coker felt “immense pressure” from that late Bama offer.

Coker’s mother, Michelle Spires, did not appreciate that Pruitt was recruiting her son, supposedly behind the family’s back, and applying enough pressure to make Coker worry that he may be making the wrong decision. She used the phrase “ass chewing” to describe her angry talk with the Alabama assistant prior to National Signing Day in 2011.

To this day, Spires doesn’t sound like a big Pruitt fan. Which is ironic, because Pruitt eventually transitioned to Florida State, and then migrated back to Tuscaloosa this month, where he’ll succeed Kirby Smart as Alabama’s defensive coordinator.

Coker, of course, transferred to Alabama prior to the 2014 season. The CBS Sports story mentions she has beef with FSU coach Jimbo Fisher as well, although it noted that Spires and Fisher get along.

CBS Sports reported some interesting details about Spires’ feelings toward Pruitt in a long, interesting profile of Coker:

“I called Jeremy and said, ‘Quit sneaking in the back door. Do you understand the word ‘commitment’?” Spires recalled. “Jeremy got a little uppity with me but it didn’t last very long. From a mother’s standpoint, he was wrong. I still think he was wrong. I called him on it. He kept calling me back and I said, ‘What are you a sucker for punishment because I’m not going to cut you any slack? I don’t like what you did.’ Football is such a big business. It’s really not fun. These are kids and sometimes they get distorted by people who really just want a commitment and you never know why.”

Spires said she had a few sessions with Saban — “Come to Jesus meetings,” as she described them — to discuss how Pruitt recruited Coker.

“I meant business because it got to be really traumatic,” Spires said. “Jake started wondering, ‘Did I make the right decision? What if, what if, what if?’ Jake made the decision to commit to Florida State and was totally comfortable with that. I put in my two bits with Jeremy, and by God, he goes to Florida State (to become defensive coordinator). I’m like, damn. So now he’s back at Alabama. It’s really kind of funny.”