Stop if you’ve heard this one before — Texas players ran their mouths but didn’t back it up on the field.

The latest in a proud Longhorn tradition comes after several Texas players questioned whether Jalen Hurts would be ready for the Red River Rivalry. As funny as that may sound, they were serious.

When asked to respond to those comments, Hurts said, “I played in the Iron Bowl, I think I’ll be just fine.”

Hurts did not mention the SEC Championships or College Football Playoff Games he played in but you get the point.

Once Hurts’ comments went viral, some yahoo calling themselves “Texas Takeover” poorly attempted to call out Hurts.

Turns out Hurts was ready for the game, as he led Oklahoma to a 34-27 win over Texas on Saturday.

Damien Harris poked fun at the account after the last Oklahoma-Texas game: