Jalen Hurts’ football career has contained a number of twists and turns along the way. Now, he’s preparing to play in his first-ever Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles.

As for Hurts’ growth into a potential MVP candidate during the 2022 season, ESPN’s Marcus Spears says he is not surprised by what Hurts has accomplished. Spears pointed out Hurts has gotten better every year he’s played, going back to Hurts’ freshman year at Alabama.

“I love the journey, and I love the guy who Jalen Hurts has been for the entirety of the time that I had a chance to meet him at Alabama. This is not uncommon for Jalen Hurts in his own kind of journey to be in big moments and be in big games… Jalen Hurts’ career is a credit to his family, his mother and father, because this dude is built to deal with adversity as well as any dude I have seen at a young age.

“We knew — if you covered him in the SEC — we knew he was going to get better. This is who he is. This is his character. This is who he’s been since day one. Every single year that I’ve watched Jalen Hurts play football, he’s been a better quarterback than the previous year. That is his track record.”

Now in his third NFL season, Hurts has improved his completion percentage from 52% as a rookie to 66.5% during the 2022 season. He also had just 6 interceptions while accounting for 35 total touchdowns this season.

We’ll see how Hurts tries to improve on that in 2023, but first, he’ll play for a ring against the Kansas City Chiefs.