As Alabama QB Jalen Hurts’ future quickly becomes the most-watched story early in the college football offseason, the backup quarterback’s immediate focus after the lopsided loss to Clemson was to improve off of the 44-16 loss.

“Learn from it,” Hurts said, according to “We have to find a way to shake back. Shake back. It’s been done before, and it dang sure can be done again. We have to find ways to learn from it and improve from it and shake back. And it will happen.”

Since Hurts — who was the starting quarterback in 2016 and 2017 — was replaced by Tua Tagovailoa, his future has been a much talked about an item for armchair and barstool quarterbacks. Hurts graduated in December, so he has the opportunity to transfer, but he declined to address that issue in the immediate post-game.

“That’s not even a thing for me,” Hurts said. “I’m with my teammates. We just came up short on the national championship and it hurts.”

Hurts was 0-for-2 passing, with a sack, in limited action that began in the fourth quarter. Hurts also didn’t want to discuss any comparisons to the previous Clemson loss, or any other, given how rare they were in his career.

“There’s no … a loss is a loss,” Hurts said. “A loss is a loss. The category doesn’t change. They scored more points than we did and we lost the game. Every loss hurts. We have to turn those losses into a lesson and find ways to learn from it and improve the next time around.”