You’d think throwing for 9,477 yards and 80 touchdowns at Alabama and Oklahoma would qualify Jalen Hurts as an NFL quarterback prospect but in the eyes of some, the former SEC Offensive Player of the Year and Heisman Trophy finalist may need to move to another position in order to land on an NFL roster.

Just don’t try to tell that to Hurts.

During his Tuesday appearance at the 2020 NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Hurts was asked about the possibility of switching to a new position if that’s what an NFL team asks him to do.

We all know Hurts is an outstanding teammate but there are limits to what he’s willing to do when it comes to helping the franchise that selects him in the 2020 NFL Draft.

“I’ve always been a team-first guy, but I think I’m a quarterback. I think that’s that,” Hurts answered.

While it may be accurate to say Hurts may not have had a place under center in the NFL a decade or so ago, before offenses began to open up and embrace mobile quarterbacks more openly, recent league history has shown that the teams and coaches willing to adapt their scheme to fit outstanding athletes like Hurts have the most success on the field.

There’s no doubt an NFL franchise will draft Hurts to play quarterback and should he perform at a high level, as he’s done his entire college career, he’ll prove once again why questions like this one are becoming less and less relevant to ask draft prospects at the combine.