Mark this down as an only in Philadelphia kind of thing.

Eagles QB Carson Wentz had a rough outing on Sunday, and was 18-for-27 passing for 182 yards and an interception by late in the third quarter against the L.A. Rams. But the most Philly thing ever was that the Lincoln Financial Field speakers piped in boos as an incomplete pass from Wentz fell far away from any target.

That, of course, begged the question about the Eagles turning to former Alabama and Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts, who was active on Sunday as the backup quarterback, and warmed up below the game, which is shown below.

NBC Sports Philadelphia reported that during the week, coach Doug Pederson was asked if Hurts would need to be a part of the game plan to be active.

“No,” Pederson said. “I think that’s a week-to-week discussion that we have as far as the backup quarterbacks. You’d love to have all three quarterbacks up. We had Nate up this past weekend, and we make those determinations on really, injuries, and where we are as a team moving forward.”