Jalen Milroe made an ill-advised pass late in Alabama’s game against Texas A&M Saturday, opting to throw the ball rather than taking a knee or running it late in the game on 1st down. The play resulted in an incomplete pass.

Luckily the play didn’t come back to haunt him and Alabama pulled out a win, but Milroe is still thinking about the slip up on Monday. He said that the throw wasn’t the play that Alabama called and he decided to go for it anyway.

“That play still hurts me to this day. That wasn’t a smart play by me, I should’ve just handed the ball off,” Milroe said in a press conference Monday. “That was not apart of the play at all. I should’ve just handed the ball off. That’s definitely something I can build off of and learn off of, because that was not apart of the play.”

Besides the late miscue, Milroe put together a solid game against the Aggies, picking up 321 yards and 3 touchdowns as the Tide picked up a 26-20 win over the Aggies. Now, he’ll look to learn from the mistake and continue getting better as Alabama prepares to take on Arkansas this week.