When a player transfers during his career, fans sometimes debate whether they can be claimed as a former player of the original school. This comes up especially in cases when players are successful at the professional level. Jameson Williams recently made it clear he doesn’t want Ohio State fans claiming him as a former Buckeye.

Williams is in Year 3 of his college career. Out of high school, Williams signed with Ohio State and spent his first 2 seasons with the Buckeyes. Ahead of the 2021 season, he transferred to Alabama. Williams recently sounded off on his ties to Ohio State.

“Ohio State fans be tripping,” Williams recently said on Instagram Live, per 247Sports. “They don’t claim me. I don’t claim them. Ohio State fans be tripping. They disowned me. I went to Bama. When I graduate, I will have graduated from Bama.”

A Biletnikoff Award semifinalist, Williams has an SEC-leading 10 touchdowns on 51 catches for 1,028 yards this season with the Crimson Tide. With the NFL likely in his future, it’s clear that Williams will want to be described as an Alabama alum.