It’s not often you see a recruit remain committed for over a year only to flip his pledge on National Signing Day. It’s even rarer when you see that happen to Nick Saban’s Alabama program.

The Crimson Tide have been known to ask elite prospects to blueshirt, which can essentially put off their recruitment and/or scholarship options for months at a time. While very few programs have the ability to ask any prospect to do that, not to mention a high school All-American, that’s what Alabama allegedly asked in-state lineman Jayson Jones to do.

Instead of blueshirting with the Tide, the Calera, Ala., native jumped ship to Oregon on National Signing Day and signed with the Ducks. Jones is rated as a top 400 prospect nationally, a four-star recruit and was a 2020 Under Armour All-American selection.

Following his decision, which likely isn’t very popular inside his home state, Jones shared his side of the story and explained his decision to back off his longtime commit to Nick Saban’s program:

Hi, my name is Jayson Jones, I’ve been committed to Alabama for about two years, I lost 54 pounds within a matter of 3 months from August to November and I’m not here to seek attention but to inform you of the struggles since then.

I’ve been a loyal commit and fan of the Tide and I will ALWAYS be a fan.

P.S.: The reason why I dropped in the rankings was because of my injury and i wasn’t showing my face in camps (getting myself out there)

Late September on a Monday, Alabama called me and told me that they’ll be looking at me for Offensive Line from now on. In the long run, I had no problem playing offense because I’ve played it for 6 years alongside DT for even longer. What shocked me and left me questionable was that they were going to BLUE SHIRT me. Basically saying, I do not get an in-home visit, official visit, I don’t come in until August 1st, and they did not contact me from November to Mid-January. They basically , “unrecruited” me. Now tell me, would you accept that?

February 3rd, 2020, they’re now talking about bringing me in even later (revisit my starting date) if i was to sign with them.

It honestly left me in a very bad depressive state. I didn’t know what to do and I was left in the dust. I thank all of the coaches at Oregon, GT and Baylor for helping me through it all and being honest and upfront with me.

I have said in many articles that “I DO NOT LIKE ATTENTION.” If it happens, it happens but I DO NOT look for attention.

People have also said that my definition of commitment it all wrong without actually knowing what type of person I am and the truth behind why i reopened my recruitment.

My definition of commitment is that you are dedicated to a person, place or thing UNTIL that person ,place or thing display inconsistencies causing you to take a deeper look at what you have committed to. In life you have to do what’s right for your mental health, physical health, and family. Coaches for example do this all the time so what’s wrong with the athlete doing the same?

No, I am not afraid of playing or competition, you have to compete anywhere you go and you must work cause the next man is trying to take your spot.

So now that you know everything that went on, hopefully you guys understand. Love me or hate me I had to do what was best for my future and mental health. I love and thank each and every last one of you that have remained supportive. Every last one of you have a special place in my heart.

Much Love 🖤,
Jayson Jones