Jermaine Burton recently decided to transfer from the reigning champion Georgia Bulldogs to the team they beat in the title game, the Alabama Crimson Tide.

That move drew plenty of reaction, with many praising his decision and plenty of others criticizing him.

On Wednesday, SEC Network analyst Chris Doering joined SiriusXM to explain why he’s not a fan of the decision by Burton:

“I don’t like it,” Doering said. “I don’t like it for a lot of different reasons. This is a guy who, as a freshman, was one of their go-to players. … This is a guy who has been targeted a lot and was supposed to be the focal point of the passing game, especially once George Pickens went out. I know he dealt with some injuries in the offseason, but this is a really talented guy that had some great playing opportunities that was going to be a good upperclass receiver for Georgia’s offense heading into this season. For him to decide to leave … the ability to transfer like this is going to prevent some of these kids from going through experiences that are going to help them mature, help them grow, help them deal with adversity. … I don’t know what went down, but it is disappointing as a fan of the league, to see this guy hop from one team to another.”

Burton will try to prove it was the right move for his career this fall in Tuscaloosa.