Jerry Jeudy is facing charges in Arapahoe County, Colorado following an incident that Sheriff’s deputies have said resulted in charges, including second degree criminal tampering with a domestic violence enhancer.

That is a misdemeanor charge, and Jeudy, who plays for the Denver Broncos, is being held without a bond.

Jeudy, the former Alabama star, joined the Broncos when they drafted him No. 15 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Denver 7, an ABC affiliate, noted some details of the law:

According to Colorado’s Title 18, a person commits second-degree criminal tampering if they “tamper with property of another with intent to cause injury, inconvenience, or annoyance to that person or to another, or if they knowingly makes an unauthorized connection with property of a utility.” The domestic violence enhancer would potentially increase the penalty if Jeudy is formally charged and convicted.

On the field, Jeudy is looking for a bounce-back season with new quarterback Russell Wilson. Jeudy has 90 catches for 1,323 yards and 3 touchdowns in his first 2 seasons. But last season, he failed to score a touchdown, and finished with 38 catches for 467 yards.