The College Football Playoff semifinal matchups are set and the selection of those 4 teams Sunday produced no real drama.

There were some who believed that Alabama deserved the 4th spot over Ohio State, and Nick Saban lobbied hard for his team publicly ahead of the final CFP reveal.

In the end, however, the Buckeyes got the 4th slot and will now face Georgia in the Peach Bowl on New Years Eve.

One college football analyst who believes the committee got it right in the end is Joel Klatt.

The Fox Sports analyst appeared on “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd and explained why Alabama was justifiably left out.

“I think it was the play and the committee told us it was the play leading into last week,” Klatt said. “Alabama didn’t have a great argument. In fact, Alabama’s best argument is that Vegas would probably favor us in a game against any of those other teams.

“And while that might be the case, they were also an eight-point favorite, or right around there, against LSU in a game that they lost. Your best losses can’t be your argument in this sport. It’s about who you (beat).”

You can see the full segment with Cowherd and Klatt in the video below: