Alabama quarterback Bryce Young has been projected to become both the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft and the winner of the Heisman Trophy since before the beginning of the 2022 college football season. Neither thing has changed in the eyes of most analysts as he continues to put together a solid season despite dealing with some injury issues recently.

Still, there are split opinions on just how well Young will translate to the NFL with his small frame.

“I think it matters what style you are,” FOX Sports analyst Joel Klatt said on “The Herd” this week. “For instance, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson, they have to be thick because they’re putting themselves in harm’s way with the way they play because they’re going to scramble, create with their legs. And not that they’re not great passers, because they are… Drew Brees is not a big guy. But he controlled the game from the pocket, with his mind, with his feet, with his accuracy.”

“Bryce Young has to be Drew Brees. He cannot go out and be Kyler Murray or Russell Wilson or Lamar Jackson.”

Based on that assessment, Young will likely have to hone in on the mental side of his game to avoid injury and find success when he takes the next step at the NFL level. It will be interesting to see just where things stand when April comes around.