There’s a lot continuously changing in the modern era of college sports with the expansion of the College Football Playoff and the continued use of the transfer portal.

Former Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson recently weighed in on both of those subjects on “McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning”, favoring expansion as most do at this point.

“I think (the expansion) is good,” Wilson said. “I think with where we’re at, where the state of football is right now… it’s not going to make every regular season game live or die, but it’s going to make them important because you’re going to get more teams in. There’s going to be more people paying attention later in the season.”

As for the portal, which multiple Alabama players have hit at this point, he’s not concerned about that either.

“I think we always recruit well, I think we’ve had some big hits,” Wilson said. “Some home runs in the transfer portal that I think will continue. I think that’s just the state of college football.”

It will be interesting to see how things continue to evolve for Alabama as the team looks to get back to its former status next season.