Kaitlan Collins is a political correspondent for CNN, but she has never been shy of showing her love for Alabama, her alma mater.

On “New Day” this week, Collins weighed in on Nick Saban’s new contract extension, which will pay him $93.6 million between now and 2030.

As you can see below, Collins makes the case that Saban is still underpaid, despite his massive salary:

“And not only do I not think he’s overpaid, I think he is underpaid,” she said. “And it’s not just the six national championships and the eight SEC championships that contribute to that thinking of mine, look at the enrollment at Alabama…it used to be 24,000 students…it is now 38,000 students. The number of out-of-state students has also skyrocketed, obviously they pay out higher tuition. It brings in so much money for the university, that if you are looking at a balance sheet, it makes sense.

“And maybe it’s not what everyone likes or what everyone thinks is the most intellectual thing to pursue for a university, but it does draw students and it does boost morale, and it makes it a really exciting campus to join. I had a great time there. He is underpaid in the sense of the return on investment that they get for what he brings to the school. And he is also a coach who is very invested in the players’ development. It is not just their four years there, it is overall that means so much to him.”

Will Saban live up to his new contract extension? By most accounts, he already has. And then some.