Kalen DeBoer’s staff at Alabama is finally in place though there were some shakeups along the way. However, the new head coach of the Crimson Tide believes his offensive system is still in good hands moving forward.

In a Tuesday discussion for “McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning,” Deboer explained how his system has been built and developed “over many years.” As a result, the system has seen many coaches involved over time.

Ryan Grubb certainly left his mark as DeBoer’s offensive coordinator before landing a job with the Seattle Seahawks. DeBoer wished Grubb well and expects the OC to do great things in the NFL, but the head coach is still confident in the pieces handling the offense for Alabama.

“Just look at what we’ve kind of done here within. Guys like Nick Sheridan, JaMarcus Shephard, guys that have been with me the last two years and Nick being with me back in 2019,” said DeBoer. “He ran the offense then after I left Indiana, so he’s been a part of it for 5 years. These guys are just such gifted football coaches, amazing people, and we’ll keep that system.”

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One key aspect of the offense that DeBoer wanted to hammer home is the flexibility of his system, a scheme he says has looked different at every stop in his coaching career. That flexibility allows DeBoer to tailor his offense to the personnel available.

“Every year it’s a little bit different, just based on your personnel… It’s been different at every place,” DeBoer noted. “It’s got that flexibility to be able to adjust around the personnel we have, and we have extremely smart people here in the building who continue to build on what has already been established.”

How the specifics look with the Crimson Tide remains to be seen, but Alabama’s quarterback play is bound to be different than what fans saw at Washington the past two seasons. Michael Penix Jr. thrived as a dropback passer with the Huskies, but Jalen Milroe thrived in 2023 as a dual-threat option.

At the end of the day, DeBoer and the Tide losing Grubb and offensive line coach Scott Huff is a blow, but he remains confident in the staff compiled and path forward for the offense in Tuscaloosa.