Keyshawn Johnson has had it with Alabama people trying to claim the success Jalen Hurts has had to his time in Tuscaloosa. Instead, it should be directed toward Oklahoma.

“Jalen Hurts went to Oklahoma, stop trying to give them something, you cannot claim that,” Johnson said. “Most of his success came from Oklahoma in his last year. He was drafted based on Oklahoma, not on Alabama. He developed at Oklahoma.”

The comments came from Johnson’s ESPN radio show, but were also played on “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Wednesday. It was pointed out to Johnson that Hurts was a starter on a national championship team, but Johnson countered that he lost the job in the middle of the game.

“He never regained it again,” Johnson said. “… Jalen Hurts lost his starting job, you don’t have the right to claim him because he had his most successful season at Oklahoma. You don’t get to claim that, even if his degree is from Alabama.”