Kirk Herbstreit was one of the many who picked Georgia to beat Alabama in the SEC Championship Game. Only Lee Corso picked Alabama to upset Georgia on College GameDay, and he trolled guest picker Zac Brown in the process.

Herbstreit recently hopped on The Dan Patrick Show, and Patrick asked the ESPN analyst why so many doubted Nick Saban and the Tide against Georgia.

“Well, because we’ve watched them play all year, and they haven’t lived up to their own standards,” Herbstreit told Dan Patrick. “So, I think a lot of us thought something is not quite right. Yeah, Bryce Young is a phenom; Jameson Williams a phenom. The offensive line has some major issues. Not 1 week or 2 weeks, but all year they’ve had some concerns and Bryce Young’s athletic ability has pulled them out where he’s had to scramble to throw, and now, they’re playing Georgia? The 1 team that’s been consistent all year defensively. I think a lot of people just knew Nick Saban’s team, they never show up to a stadium as an underdog — you knew they’d have a chip on their shoulder, but was it going to be enough to beat that Georgia team that we watched. Only team that we’ve watched all year that’s been consistent.

“Sometimes you let up, survive a game, Georgia didn’t have that,” Herbstreit continued. “They were consistent all year long. So, it was more of not doubting Nick Saban, but the respect you have for Georgia. Then we were reminded, pretty quickly, that’s Nick Saban in his prime standing on that sideline, still knows how to get his team ready to play in these big games. I think we apologized on Sunday for doubting him. You can count on 1 hand how many times we’ve doubted him since 2008.”

Saban didn’t let Herbstreit and others forget that only Corso picked Alabama either. The Alabama head coach made sure to mention it to Herbstreit on Sunday.

Saban also made sure to mention the “rat poison” to the media following the Georgia upset.

Will Alabama and Georgia have a rematch for the national championship game?