In Tuesday’s updated College Football Playoff rankings, Alabama checked in at No. 5, behind the top four of Clemson, Auburn, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

The Crimson Tide still have hopes of making the Playoff, but they’re going to need some help during championship weekend, especially since they won’t be playing for an SEC title.

During the rankings show on Tuesday night, ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit said the Crimson Tide are going to need some help from the selection committee, too, if they’re going to make it to the final four, as their resume isn’t that great, either.

“The only way that would happen is if the coaches in that (committee) room said, ‘I wouldn’t want to play them. They’re just that good,’” he said.

There’s a fair chance that actually happens, especially if either Wisconsin or Oklahoma loses in their conference championship games.

However, it won’t be easy for Alabama to work its way into the final four. Still, it’s not impossible, so hope is alive in Tuscaloosa.