If his Twitter emoji is to be trusted, Kirk Herbstreit will hardly be able to look at the beatdown Alabama will be putting on opponents this season.

The College GameDay host was in an “I told you so” mood on Sunday morning when he tweeted about Tua Tagovailoa’s performance on Saturday night against Louisville.

He’s nearly ready to declare Alabama nearly unbeatable using the logic that the Crimson Tide weren’t even at their best and still handed the Cardinal an embarassing 51-14 loss.

Herbstreit’s only real critique was Alabama’s pass defense, which allowed two touchdowns and 252 yards to Jawon Pass. The Crimson Tide also had two interceptions while Pass only completed just over 50 percent of his throws.

Alabama’s ability to score “AT WILL” also seems a little hyperbolic from the former Ohio State quarterback, but it appeared like that might be possible on Saturday.

Herbstreit’s take is strong, but his theory won’t be tested for another two weeks when the Crimson Tide travel to Oxford to play Ole Miss on Sept. 15.