If you look up the remaining parts of Alabama’s football schedule, it looks like the Crimson Tide should have a cakewalk to the SEC Championship Game to meet Georgia, but as ESPN college football analyst Lee Corso would say, “not so fast my friend.”

Kirk Herbstreit thinks there is at least one team that could give the Crimson Tide fits and that’s their rival, the Auburn Tigers.

Auburn is 5-2 right now and has road victories over the Arkansas Razorbacks and LSU Tigers, so that may explain why Herbstreit thinks the Tide needs to watch out! Herbstreit talked about the Tide and Tigers on the ESPN College Football podcast.

“If you look at LSU, let’s be honest. They may play hard, but they’re an uppercut in the first round away from, you know, it’s a weird year for them,” he said. “And then, you have Arkansas at home. I don’t think they throw the ball well enough to be a real threat.

“And then, you got to go to Jordan-Hare, which could be a little bit sneaky, because Auburn is sitting there at 5-2. Bryan Harsin and Mike Bobo — that’s the game where you can draw up ball plays with a veteran quarterback, and you realize, ‘What’s the kryptonite to Nick Saban’s defense?’ The kryptonite is multiple formations, up-tempo, return the tight ends, motion to go to trips in the boundary, bring the back over here. Make them have to think, ‘Now, we got a quarterback that can run and throw.’ It’s the formula to move the ball and hit some explosives (plays). Plus, it’s a rivalry game. They definitely have the offense, the mindset with Bryan Harsin, Bobo and Bo Nix to at least make it tough on Bama.”

In 2019, the Tide found itself in a similar situation going into the Iron Bowl with one loss and lost in a shootout with the Tigers 48-45. Where did the game take place? In Auburn where this year’s game will be played.