It has been a busy Saturday in the college football world, and not just because 2 bowl games are currently on.

Texas fired coach Tom Herman and reports have surfaced that Alabama OC Steve Sarkisian is the likely replacement for him.

On ESPN, analyst Kirk Herbstreit shared his thoughts on the decision to fire Herman. He also weighed in on the Sark rumors (via 247Sports):

“I think you look at four years of, umm, in Texas’ terms, they expect to win 10 or 11 and compete for Big 12 championships and knock on the Playoff’s door every year,” Herbstreit said Saturday on ESPN. “He averaged out at 8-4. 5-3 in conference play. I’m sure behind closed doors, decision makers have been thinking about this for quite some time. If anything, it’s about stability and recruiting and who they’re rubbing elbows with.

“They want to be back to being an elite program. It’s been 2009 … think about how long that’s been … since Mack Brown took them to a national championship game when they took on Alabama in the Rose Bowl. I’m just learning this on a a FaceTime here, so I had no idea this was even going down. I was like holy cow. And Sarkisian a done deal? Is that speculation or word on the street?

“I don’t know if Sark is going to get this job or not, but you’ve got to give him a lot of credit for reinventing himself under Nick Saban. If you look at him today vs. where he was, I can see why he’d be a viable candidate for anybody, especially an elite program like Texas. He’s the real deal.”

We’ll see if Texas moves quickly to make the Sark hire official. For now, though, it seems likely that Sark will stay with Alabama through the CFP title game on Jan. 11.