The SEC is announcing its 2020 schedule Monday night on the SEC Network, and the conference continues pushing toward a college football season. The ACC and Big 12 are holding firm with the SEC, while the Big Ten and Pac-12 have already canceled.

Practice for SEC teams starts today, August 17th, with Week 1 games scheduled on September 26.

Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne shared a photo on Twitter of a predominately maskless large crowd in Tuscaloosa, “Who wants college sports this fall? Obviously not these people! We’ve got to do better for each other and our campus community. Please wear your masks!”

ESPN’s face of college football coverage Kirk Herbstreit also weighed in on the photo, saying the next 2 weeks are about to get interesting.

“And so it begins…I’m tellin you right now these college kids aren’t thinkin about this virus,” Herbstreit tweeted. “This will be the norm on EVERY campus. Buckle up. Next 2 weeks about to get REAL interesting on these campuses.”

Only 5.5 weeks remain until the SEC is slated to start the season.