Mike Locksley, Dan Enos and Josh Gattis were all offensive at Alabama in 2018. They hold new positions with new teams in 2019. As a result, three fanbases are turning to Crimson Tide highlights to hype themselves up for what to look forward to in 2019. Kirk Herbstreit takes issue with two of the three being hyped.

Herbstreit recently went as far as calling hype for Enos’ Miami offense and Gattis’ Michigan offense as disrespectful to Locksley.

“I almost take more away from what (Enos) did at Arkansas than what he did at Alabama,” Herbstreit said on the latest episode of The College Football Podcast, via 247Sports. “I think it’s been misguided over the summer with (new Michigan offensive coordinator Josh Gattis) and Dan Enos at Miami as if they were the offensive coordinator and they were the guys that kind of produced the Alabama offense with (quarterback Tua Tagovailoa). I’m probably close as anybody to this Alabama team…

“I really feel people are disrespecting Mike Locksley by trying to celebrate Dan Enos, and trying to celebrate Gattis, I think they’re really taking away from what Mike Locksley did. And he was the guy that was really pushing the buttons, so I think they were part of it but it’d be no different than hiring a position coach at some other school. So these guys were not calling plays.”

Herbstreit warned Hurricanes fans to not expect the UM offense to look like Alabama.

“Dan Enos was (calling plays) in previous jobs,” Herbstreit said on the podcast. “He was a head coach. He was an OC at Arkansas. So he has a great deal of experience. I’m not saying he’s not a great mind, but I don’t want to put the success of Tua and Alabama on his back. He’ll bring that offense, probably that style, and try to make the most out of having a young quarterback. There’s a big difference between having Jarren Williams, who’s never taken a snap, and Tua and that group of wide receivers Alabama had a year ago.

“So I just want to caution people; don’t assume, ‘Here comes Dan Enos and they’re going to run the Alabama offense and score 45 points a game.’ It doesn’t always work out that way. He’s a talented coach, and he’ll get an opportunity to prove himself. But we’re going to learn a lot more about him now that he’s kind of in that hot seat as the OC. And everyone is going to go to him Saturday after the game and ask, ‘Why did this happen? What happened on that third down?’ You know Locksley was answering those questions last year, and now Dan Enos will be able to do that at Miami.”

Enos will be calling Miami’s plays Saturday night when the Hurricanes take on Florida in Orlando.