Kirk Herbstreit recently made a visit to Tuscaloosa to interview Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

The two discussed Tagovailoa’s upcoming NFL Draft decision and his rehab from hip surgery. You can watch that interview here.

However, after spending some time with the Alabama quarterback, Herbstreit isn’t convinced that Tagovailoa has a slam dunk decision to turn pro. Herbstreit discussed his feelings on Tagovailoa after the interview on Monday’s episode of the Herbie and Pollack Show.

“I don’t think it’s a slam dunk that he is leaving. Before I went there, I thought it was. … He can’t walk for three months. … There is a long journey back. It’s a positive story because I think he’s in great hands and I think a 100 percent recovery is very likely for him. So that’s all great, but I just sensed that he’s got to take — he keeps telling himself that he has to take the emotion out of it. I can tell you that how he went out — as a fan out there and you hear narrative like ‘get your money and go to the NFL.’ Not all players view the world like that. They are invested in their college experience. They are invested in how thing are going. Look at Christian Wilkins and company (at Clemson). They all could have gone pro, but they weren’t done. They didn’t like what happened to Alabama the year before in the semifinal. They wanted to come back. You can laugh about it and not agree with it, but they wanted to come back and give it one more go. It might sound crazy, but in college football, these players still care about winning and their legacy and how they go out. They came back and they won.


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“I just felt like listening to Tua, there is part of him that is not comfortable about how he went out. … I don’t think his career has gone the way he had hoped. And there is part of him — as much as he is looking at the money — that is looking at ‘man, can you imagine if I come back and Dylan Moses comes back and this guy comes back? Can you imagine what we can do next year?’ He said that to me, so there is part of that which he is evaluating. He told me the players will sit down, have a meeting, talk about and figure out what direction they want to go in. I don’t know if they’ll all go one way or the other. I can just tell you what he told me. I would guess that it is still 50/50 right now, and then in the next few weeks he’ll let everybody know his intentions. I think he’s honestly really back and forth at this point.”

Tagovailoa’s draft stock took a hit with his injury, but no one is really sure just how much. The injury and recovery questions will linger leading into the draft. The thing about Tagovailoa — he’s different. He’s very tied to his family, and all of them live in Tuscaloosa, including his brother who plays for the Tide.

Players have until January 20th to declare for the 2020 NFL Draft.