Sean Taylor was tragically killed in his home in late 2007 during a robbery attempt but the former outstanding Washington safety must be proud to know his legacy lives on to this day in the nation’s capital and around the NFL.

Landon Collins is certainly among the many that looked up to Taylor growing up and now that the former Alabama defensive back plays for the Redskins, the team gave him the ultimate honor this week — they offered him Taylor’s No. 21 jersey. Collins will be the first player to wear the number for the team since Taylor’s passing and he admittedly got emotional when the team informed him of the decision.

Collins previously played for the New York Giants but the team made the incredible decision to let him leave in free agency. Now the Giants will have to face Collins twice a year for the foreseeable future.

In addition to the honor of wearing the No. 21 jersey, the team gave Collins a signed, game-worn Taylor jersey upon his arrival in Washington. Collins recently shared the story and revealed he couldn’t so much as touch the jersey, he was so overcome with emotion.

Needless to say, Washington picked the right player to bestow the No. 21 jersey: