When the 2021 NFL Draft takes place in April, OL Landon Dickerson and QB Mac Jones will be among the handful of Alabama players in Round 1 consideration.

Dickerson is obviously a big fan of his QB, as both Jones and Dickerson played big parts in Alabama winning a national title and going undefeated in 2020.

During an appearance on “3 Man Front” on WJOX 94.5 in Birmingham, Dickerson had plenty of praise for Jones, then joked that he and his quarterback were a package deal in the draft (via AL.com):

“From the way he approaches the game, the film study, the way he connects with teammates, the way we meshed as a team because of him, it’s phenomenal to see. … The way he approaches the game and way he commits himself. He’s trying to be the absolute best player. He’s not only going to be a great player, he’s going to change the culture wherever he goes. He’s going to create winners.

“Whoever ends up with him will send up with a phenomenal player.”

In fact, Dickerson quipped that team could wind up with two players.

“I’m excited to see where he goes,” he joked. “Hopefully, we’ve been talking, we come as a package deal. WE can really run that offense on whatever team. Any NFL teams, scouts listening to this, we do come as a package deal. Go ahead and clear that with the GM and coaches. It’s pretty much set in stone.”

Every NFL QB would love to have a center as loyal as Dickerson, so we’ll see which team is lucky enough to draft him. While it is unlikely that he and Jones will end up on the same squad, crazier things have happened!