You can add Lane Kiffin to the growing list of people that believe Nick Saban’s time in Tuscaloosa is nowhere close to coming to an end.

In recent days, Chris Low of ESPN and Steve Spurrier have both went on the record suggesting that there is no end in sight to Saban’s coaching days at Alabama. That has to be a terrifying thought for the rest of the SEC. As it turns out, they aren’t alone in that line of thinking.

The former Alabama offensive coordinator and current FAU head coach was a recent guest on 104.5 FM ESPN Baton Rouge program Off The Bench and had this to say when asked about Saban’s future in Tuscaloosa.

“I really think it could be a record-type thing, this could be another 10 years,” Kiffin said on the air.

The FAU coach then went on to describe the parallel he sees between Saban and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who just won NFL MVP at the age of 40.

“This is going to sound strange but kinda like Tom Brady as a player, how he’s taken care of himself and how he’s breaking the odds of that (longevity),” Kiffin continued. “Coach (Saban) is extremely healthy, he takes care of himself and you know, people are supposed to lose things as they get up there in age but he doesn’t at all. He doesn’t slow down. He drives himself — he works harder than anyone in the building, regardless of whether it’s a 25-year-old or not.

“I think him stopping would only be because… by choice he wanted, not for any other reason. He ain’t going to slow down.”

Kiffin went a step further and noted that Saban’s recruiting efforts are what drive the success of the Alabama program. According to the FAU coach, Saban’s advantage each week comes from his amazing ability to recruit elite talent every single season.

“He’s going to continue to be the best recruiter in the country — and that’s the No. 1 reason that he wins. He has the best players every time,” Kiffin added. “Every time they play, every Saturday they have better players than the other sideline and it’s usually not even close. They have better players even in the National Championship. That has everything to do with one thing — he’s the best recruiter and he outworks everybody.”

As long as Saban has it in him to continue to work at that pace, and he’s given no indication that he doesn’t, his coaching peers don’t seem to think the Alabama coach has any reason to step away from his job.