Nick Saban is known for running a no-nonsense program at Alabama, and it works magnificently. After all, he has won 5 titles with the Crimson Tide.

But, are there any times when Saban and his staffers actually have fun? That’s what FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd wanted to know while interviewing Ole Miss coach (and former Alabama assistant) Lane Kiffin on Wednesday.

Here’s how that exchange went, with Kiffin joking that the fun times were lining up against overmatched opponents on fall Saturday’s and holding up trophies:

Cowherd: “Nick Saban’s kind of intense, but there had to be some fun in Alabama’s program, right?”

Kiffin: “Yeah, like 14 times a year, 14 days a year when we had way better players than everyone we lined up against. That was fun. That’s not a shot on Coach Saban. He’d say the same thing. I’ve seen someone ask him, ‘Fun? What’s that?’ Fun is holding up a trophy, handing it to the next person and saying, ‘Alright, let’s go win another one.'”

Kiffin won 3 SEC titles and 1 national championship under Saban before heading off to Florida Atlantic, where he won 2 conference titles.

We’ll see if he can lift any trophies during his time at Ole Miss.