Lane Kiffin and the Ole Miss Rebels have this weekend off. But, it won’t be an easy week of rest.

That’s because Ole Miss has a road trip to Tuscaloosa next weekend to take on the No. 1 Crimson Tide.

During the SEC coaches teleconference on Wednesday, Kiffin had praise for Alabama freshman QB Bryce Young (via 247Sports):

“I’ve seen Bryce when he was in high school and at Steve Clarkson’s camp. Phenomenal talent, great feet, great movement, great release. The reason why he was one of the top players in the country. We’re gonna have our hands full with him, and he’s obviously got a great surrounding cast around him.

Kiffin also lamented the fact that the transfer portal now allows the Tide to add players like WR Jameson Williams and LB Henry To’o To’o to the roster on a yearly basis:

“Like I said earlier in the call, for years now, you’ve had the issue of if you try to play Alabama, they’ve got 5-star players that look like an NFL team and better than some NFL teams at certain positions. Now, they get to go cherry-pick players for any holes that they have, like Ohio State receiver or Tennessee linebacker. So now it’s like not only do they get all the top draft picks but now they get to go in free agency and pick players. It really is gonna set up the most talented teams ever, which is what we’re getting ready to play.”

Kiffin is obviously very familiar with Nick Saban and the Tide from his years working under the legendary coach. We’ll see if the Rebels can pull off the big-time upset next weekend.