Lane Kiffin is one of the few people who actually know what it feels like to be chewed out by Nick Saban.

It’s probably part of the reason he took ESPN reporter Maria Taylor’s side Sunday afternoon following Saban’s response to one of her questions Saturday night which he didn’t like.

Anyone who watched Alabama-Louisville until the very end saw Saban tell Taylor to quit asking about the quarterback situation for the Crimson Tide.

Kiffin retweeted Taylor, saying “Very classy Maria” and hashtagging #Wayabove, implying that she took the high road in the situation.

This all came after Saban demolished the Cardinals in a 51-14 game, and an offseason when Saban said he understood the duty of the media. This situation probably isn’t over, but it’s no surprise Kiffin didn’t back his former boss here.

If you missed the original exchange, you can view it here: