Lane Kiffin may take to Twitter a little too much for his own good. Be that as it may, the FAU coach has a pretty good reason to express himself on social media this time.

Responding to a College Football Talk article, the former Alabama offensive coordinator apparently couldn’t believe the Nick Saban comments he had just read. In the article, Saban was quoted as saying he doesn’t yell at his assistant coaches ‘very much at all.’

Here’s the direct quote:

“I don’t yell at my assistants very much at all, I don’t think,” said Saban. “But there are occasions where you get upset with, whether it’s a circumstance in the game or a situation in the game, or maybe you did something that’s sort of out of the plan, and you get a little upset about it.”

Here’s Kiffin’s response to those comments by Saban:

As stated above, Kiffin makes a good point. After Saban berated his current offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll, in the National Semifinal against Clemson, many were reminded of Saban’s treatment of Kiffin.

How could anyone forget this moment from the 2016 season as the Crimson Tide were wrapping up a 28-point win over Western Kentucky:

So much for Saban not yelling at his assistants much at all.