Few players entering the NFL Draft this year have had the kind of resume and profile boost as Alabama’s Mac Jones.

Widely expected to be drafted by San Francisco with the No. 3 overall pick, Jones took full advantage of the 2020 season, and put up a lot of big numbers en route to the national championship.

Laura Rutledge, the host of ESPN’s “NFL Live,” during a visit to the “The Paul Finebaum Show,” said it’s very likely that Jones will be drafted by the 49ers. Rutledge said Jones will have a ton of success, “almost instantly” at the NFL level because he would be playing in a Kyle Shanahan offense, which is tailor-made for his skillset.

Finebaum pointed out that a year ago, some people weren’t sure if Jones would start at Alabama entering last season. Rutledge credited Jones for waiting his turn and taking advantage of his place in the offense.

“Yeah he had weapons,” she said. “But I get tired of people saying it’s all about the weapons. Mac Jones was the guy who had to throw to all those guys and continue to stay on point and keep that offense running as well as he was able to. So I think he deserves a lot more credit than some people give him. But the reason why he fits so well in a Kyle Shanahan offense is because the exact way Shanahan runs the offense. Mac Jones is perfect for it. … We’re talking accuracy over the middle of the field, the ability to be a guy that can anticipate. These are things that Mac Jones does so well.”

Rutledge added that Jones has had the best QBR since ESPN started measuring that metric. She also said that Jones’ leadership is a bit undersold as well.