So much of NFL success depends on which organization a given player is drafted by or acquired by in free agency. For Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa, that may be especially important, given his injury history and prognosis for the start to his NFL career.

Gil Brandt, a long-time and legendary NFL Draft guru, offered a scouting report on and assessment of which teams would be best for Tagovailoa to play for to start his career.

“First, here’s a quick scouting report. Tagovailoa has elite arm strength, which allows him to make all the NFL throws, and athleticism equivalent to that of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. He’s a very competitive and grounded person who has a real natural feel for football; he’s got a great sense of anticipation when throwing the ball, and he makes good decisions to keep plays alive.”

Brandt offered this clarification: NOTE: This is not meant to be a projection or prediction of where Tagovailoa will be picked, or even necessarily a reflection of which teams have a realistic chance to add him. Rather, I’m zeroing on the teams that could best use his services at quarterback, regardless of how much draft capital they possess.

His top five teams are the Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Chargers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots.

The Dolphins and Chargers each have dynamic weapons on offense who would help a young quarterback develop, Brandt said. In Jacksonville, he wrote, “Tagovailoa has more upside than (Gardner) Minshew and — though it might be hard for anyone who witnessed Minshew Mania to believe — could bring even more hope and happiness to the fan base.”

While Carolina decides on Cam Newton’s role in its future plans, “Christian McCaffrey, D.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel are the kinds of young pieces that could help make Tagovailoa an instant competitor and grow with him as he continues to get a feel for the NFL game.”

With New England, “Tagovailoa’s injury history might push the Nick Saban acolyte into the range of Saban’s former boss. Should Bill Belichick have a chance to land the quarterback who threw 87 touchdown passes against 11 picks for his good friend, I could see him changing his offense to accommodate Tagovailoa.”